Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The simplest way to GAC your project from IDE.

As a BizTalk Developer you always need to add your dlls project to Global Assembly Cashe.
The simplest way to do this procedure is by a command which you need to create it in IDE.
By doing the following procedures:
1-Open VS.NET.
2- In Tool bar click Tools
3- From Tools click External Tools..
4-In External Tools dialog box click Add button.
5-In Title field add title like Install to GAC.
6- In Command field browse a gacutil.exe file which is in
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\SDK\v2.0\Bin\gacutil.exe
it depends where you install your visual studio
7-In argument filed add the following /f /i $(TargetPath)
i means install to assembly
f means if dll exsits then overwite it
$(TargetPath) is the path if selected project
8-In initial directory field add $(TargetDir)
$(TargetDir) means directory of the selected project
9- Check Use Output window to inform you in output window the dll has been added to GAC
10- Click Ok button.

Now your cammand is ready.

Just select the project you want to add it to GAC
then select tools then Install to CAG command you created.

Hope this will Help!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to use DebugView tool ?

When I was developing BizTalk Applications, I used to work with EvenLog command to trace BizTalk work flow actions in Development Phase.

Then in deployment phaseI go through all EventLog commands to remove them.

DebugView is a cool tool is provided from microsoft and it needs some simple steps to use it, I will show you a simple example how to use it:

1- Download the tool from

2- Extract the zip file and run Dbgview.exe

3- I created a simple windows application with button and I added the following to button event.

System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine("test -" + " Debug Suleiman");
System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine("test -" + " Trace Suleiman");

4- I ran the application in debug mode then I clicked the button and I found following in DebugView.exe window

5- If you want to filter the view and highlight your required event, you have to click edit then Filter/Highlight or ctrl+L shortcut.

6- In this example I included all (*) , exclude empty and Trace in green highlight in Filter1 & Debug in purple highlight as the following:

7- If I convert my application to release mode you and click button again, will find that just Trace will be viewed


Event logging uses disk space and normally takes processor time away from applications. So do not store unimportant information or large quantities of data in the event log. Generally, an event log should be used to log unexpected conditions or errors and not user actions or performance tracking information.

use System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine("") will be viewed in Debug mode
Debug command does not work with Release Mode
System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine will be viewed in both Release & Debug modes

You can use DebugView to check your required actions and you don't need to remove your trace lines in deployment phase. and your actions will be viewed by this cool tool

There are filter option and you can import/export your trace logs

Unable to run Biztalk 2009 Project using Visual Studio 2008

I was trying to run a BizTalk Project using Visual Studio 2008 but I got the following error message:

The project file btproj cannot be opened.
The project type is not supported by this installation.


BizTalk Developer tools and SDK was not installed

You need to modify the the BizTalk 2009 installation and check Developer tools & SDK option

I hope this will help :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How to install BizTalk 2009 in Multicomputer environment?

It took me 3 days to install BizTlak 2009 in Multicomputer environment because I faced many problems to install.
I think if you follow the following steps, you will need about a day to finish installation.

1- You need to ask customer to prepare a domain windows user
and the following windows domain groups:
-SSO Administrators
-SSO Affiliate Administrators
-BizTalk Server Administrators
-BizTalk Server Operators
-BizTalk Application Users
-BizTalk Isolated Host Users
2- Install Sql Server 2008 in the database server
3- Install Sql Server 2008 client tool in BizTalk Server
4- Install DTC service in BizTalk server and Database Server.
5- Configure DTC to allow remote client in BizTalk & Database servers
6- Now you are ready to install BizTlak server 2009 software
7- You have to cinfigure databases of BizTalk with the domain users & groups which are created before.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How to Add BizTalk Project to Team Foundation Server TFS?

Unfortunately, you can't create biztalk project to TFS .
Once I decided to try a tricky work around solution which is to add existing biztalk project to TFS solution.Then, you can use all TFS tools with your BizTalk Project.
I tried it and I don't believe myself how I didn't try it ages ago.

I hope you get benifits from my tricky soltuion