Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How to install BizTalk 2009 in Multicomputer environment?

It took me 3 days to install BizTlak 2009 in Multicomputer environment because I faced many problems to install.
I think if you follow the following steps, you will need about a day to finish installation.

1- You need to ask customer to prepare a domain windows user
and the following windows domain groups:
-SSO Administrators
-SSO Affiliate Administrators
-BizTalk Server Administrators
-BizTalk Server Operators
-BizTalk Application Users
-BizTalk Isolated Host Users
2- Install Sql Server 2008 in the database server
3- Install Sql Server 2008 client tool in BizTalk Server
4- Install DTC service in BizTalk server and Database Server.
5- Configure DTC to allow remote client in BizTalk & Database servers
6- Now you are ready to install BizTlak server 2009 software
7- You have to cinfigure databases of BizTalk with the domain users & groups which are created before.